We also have a partnership with a Financial Technology holding company Igniter100,  Igniter100 provides funding and an offsite incubator environment, through which promising FinTech start-ups can find the resources and tools needed to thrive.

This means their projects combine the use of finance with technology, for example internet banking or paying at the ease of a fingerprint. They have in total around 100 projects, 6 which we have full ownership in, and the rest which Investors have a certain percentage of ownership.

The share price currently is £0.25 and in Jan 2021 we are expected to hit + £6 per share. This would give you a 3000% ROI (return of initial investment). We have different investment packages available starting from £100. We also have a daily income feature which means if you invest £10,000 or more you will have the option to get extra shares daily or convert those into cash, essentially gaining back + 50% of your investment.

There is also Igniter Academy where by if you invest + £500 you will gain access to courses based on financial technology which means you could even study further. The projects themselves are all under one company - which is Igniter100, so when you invest your shares will get divided into all of their projects so you will own shares in all of them.

If you are interested , please contact us by submitting the contact form below so we can proceed to formally arrange our service.