FOREX MENTORING - (Active income)

This service is often most attractive to beginners who are wishing to start their trading journey with guidance.

We aim to provide each client with clear methodology to help you steadily progress, providing sessions tailored around your busy lifestyle. What we focus on is to develop consistency along with psychological techniques to support you as you trade due to the stressful implications forex can have.

Through this moulding, you will become a trader who has complete confidence in every executed trade driving into depth of the psychological aspects, trading plans and strategies.

We also offer 1 to 1 sessions which are also available to book in blocks of 5. 

In addition, we offer mentorship programs for personal development and how we can help you to better yourself as an entrepreneur as you start your new businesses and journey to financial freedom.

Please note that prices will vary depending on your requirements.

Contact us through our contact form to discuss a formal arrangement for our mentorship programme.