FOREX AI - (Passive Income)

We offer a forex artificial intelligence which makes trades for you on your account automatically and closes them. It uses smart AI algorithms and forecasting that work within the market and results in the average account making 35-45% ROI monthly. For example if you have a £1000 account 35% - 45% ROI would be £350 - £450 profit the same month.

Our artificial intelligence Auto-Trader is the best solution for individuals who do not have the time or capabilities to learn how to trade on the forex markets. However, they still believe in the life-changing possibilities of the industry. A system which automatically opens and closes market positions and allows you to make consistent profits passively. 

Through an in-depth analysis of market trends and trading strategies, our team has been able to develop a system which executes trades with the maximum potential for profit. Continuous testing on the Auto-Trader has resulted in an average of 15% - 30% return on investment per month. 

The price of our premium Forex AI is listed below: 


If you are interested, please contact us through the contact form below so that we can formally arrange the provision of our technology.