At APM Group we provide an artificial intelligence service available to all clients who are looking to make an extra stream of income. It is an automated trading robot that opens and closes trades on behalf of you - saving you a lot of time and effort whilst still making profits! 

The artificial intelligence uses algorithms and current news to decide what trades to enter you into, essentially it is doing the analysis we would normally do ourselves but it is much more advanced as it can access multiple different pieces of information at once which the human brain cannot do. (For a more in depth breakdown of how our A.I. Runs, please give us a message and we will provide the breakdown for you.)

On average our A.I. does around 5-30% ROI a month, providing you with an extra source of income that is completely residual. All clients can sit back and watch their profits grow without having to lift a finger.

There are 2 different options we provide with our A.I. that you can choose from. These are: Trading pool and Ownership. 

Option 1 : Trading pool 

A trading pool is where individuals will all deposit into one account and take a % of profits at the end. There is a 2 week trading interval which means withdrawal requests are processed every 2 weeks should you decide to take your money out. For those who would prefer not to, you may keep your capital in the account for as long as you decide! 

With this option, the % of profits you are entitled to solely depend on your initial capital against the total amount in the trading pool. For example; if 10 people were to each deposit £1000 making the total equity £10,000 in the trading pool, each person owns a 10% equity stake of the total balance that they have put in and can withdraw every 2 weeks.

The minimum capital requirement for this option is £500 but feel free to deposit more if you would like to!

Option 2 : Ownership 

With this option, individuals will buy the A.I. outright at a fee of £1000 entitling them to complete access and control of their account, risk % and withdrawals. There is no trading interval period with this as it is an individual account meaning you can withdraw at any time. However, we do recommend withdrawing after 2 weeks minimum in order for you to make the most out of your experience. 

In terms of profits, you will be able to withdraw 100% as unlike the trading pool it is just you trading on that account and so profits do not need to split and there is also no performance fee. 

The minimum capital requirement for this option is £3000 but again if you would like to deposit more go ahead!

If you have any questions regarding the options above or you are unsure which option would suit you best feel free to message us and we will answer all your enquiries! 

All information regarding how to set up your A.I. & more details are provided in our Artificial Intelligence Start up Course.